Why Android Applications Can't be Installed on Tizen OS? | Tips & Tricks

Actually not all android applications can be installed on a Tizen smartphone by using the ACL for Tizen emulator. Especially on Samsung Z1, Samsung Z2, and Samsung Z3. Because, if viewed from the Tizen smartphone specifications will be heavy if the ACL for Tizen application is activated.
That's because RAM and Processor will be divided into two. Namely for OS Tizen and for the Android OS on the emulator. So that the performance of Tizen smartphones will tend to be slower and even the ACL For Tizen application will bounce out.
Well... That's why Tizen smartphones won't be able to install applications that have high specifications. Unless the Tizen smartphone has high specifications too.
But why, Play Store app can't be installed or not appear on the display launcher or home page on Android? Even though the application specifications are low.
The answer is simple. Because the application needs to be installed in the system folder in the android root folder.
Actually, there are 2 ways to install an android application that cannot be installed by Tizen's cellphone. The first is by activating Enable Unknown Sources. And the second is to put the "apk" file that will be installed in the system folder.
The first way is to enable Enable Unknown Sources. After being active you only need to install the application (for example PlayStore.apk) with the UC Mini, Shareit, or so on.
The second way is by copying the PlayStore.apk application into the system folder using the UC Mini application. Namely:
  1. Open UC Mini and look for the PlayStore.apk application in your folder.
  2. Select Copy.
  3. Click the Back folder until you see the ".PrivateStorage" folder. Continue to click the apps folder > ACL111OMWW> data> android> system. Here you have entered the system folder.
  4. After that, you will find the app folder in the system folder. You only need to enter the application in the app folder. And the application will be automatically installed.
The two ways above are other alternatives to overcome android applications that cannot be installed on OS Tizen.
Good luck!
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